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How long is the service life of colored stone tiles generally?

Everyone has always known that colored stone tiles are a high-end roof tile, which has a longer lifespan compared to resin tiles and asphalt tiles. However, due to the mixed interests of manufacturers, the lifespan of colored stone tiles at different prices also varies. Generally speaking, colored stone tiles from regular large factories can be used for 30-50 years.

Colored stone tile, also known as colored stone metal tile, has been popular abroad for a long time since it was invented during World War II. At present, it is a new type of roofing material in China. It uses aluminized zinc/zinc aluminum magnesium steel plate with excellent anti-corrosion performance as the base plate, water-based acrylic resin gel as the adhesive, and sintered colored sand as the surface layer of tiles. These three base materials constitute the colored stone tile.

High quality raw materials ensure the service life of colored stone tiles, but inferior colored stone tiles, in order to save costs, although the price has decreased, manufacturers are willing to cut corners and cut materials, which is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish. There is no difference in installation, making it difficult for people to distinguish. The quality of such colored stone tiles cannot be guaranteed, which directly affects their service life.

Colored stone tiles and metal tiles can be applied to various complex shapes of roofs, such as curved surfaces, spherical surfaces, arc shapes, etc. The overall structure is good, with strong deformation ability and light weight, reducing the load on the building structure. The installation is simple and fast, and it is convenient for material transportation and construction.

If you have difficulty making a choice, then colored stone tiles are a good choice.

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