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What is a Metal Roof Panel?

Metal roofing panels have been a workhorse in the construction industry since the turn of the century.  Initially, small pieces of copper and zinc were hand formed by craftsman.  The slow and manual process created beautiful but often price prohibitive roofs. 

Over time, rolling manufacturing lines were introduced.  This mechanization enabled a quicker and more efficient production and install process as roll formed sheets routinely covered a 3' wide section of the roof with one panel running from eave to ridge.

This advancement made metal roofing both durable and affordable.  The only piece left of the puzzle was the appearance.  In the early days, roll formed panels had a simple rounded corrugation and finish options were limited at best.  But how the industry has changed!  Todays savvy consumers can choose from multiple profiles, paint systems, substrates and extensive color selections.  Thanks to these advances, metal roofing is one of the most cost effective, beautiful and environmentally friendly roofing choices available.

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